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TV Aerial & Sky/Satellite Installation

To be able to watch TV in Your home, you will firstly need to ensure that an aerial or Sky/Satellite dish is installed & working.

I have an aerial or Sky/Satellite dish but it doesnít seem to be working, what should I do?

If you currently have a TV Aerial or Sky/Satellite Dish but appear not to be receiving any signal then get in touch, either by ringing us on 0161 883 0382 or by using the simple contact form here. Weíll do our best to ensure we get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

I donítí seem to have an Aerial or a Sky/Satellite Dish, what do I need to have installed?

This will depend on whether you wish to watch Freeview or Freesat; so how do you decide on that we hear you say?

In the simplest terms, Freeview is received through a Television Aerial. All modern TVís have Freeview built in as standard so having a TV Aerial installed is often the preferred choice for many of our customers. A TV Aerial is often the most cost effective way, especially if you decide that now or even in the future that you would like to receive Freeview in multiple rooms throughout your home. Please see here for further details on TV Aerial Distribution systems.

In comparison, Freesat is received through a Sky/Satellite dish and unless your TV is less than a couple of years old, the likelihood is your TV wonít have it built in. As well as the possibility that you may require an additional Freesat receiver. If you have the intention either immediately or sometime in the future to receive Freesat in multiple rooms then this option does work out considerably more expensive. This is mainly due to the inability to split a Sky/Satellite signal, a feed from the LNB on the dish is required to each room, which in turn also means a larger LNB is required. We can however install Freesat to multiple rooms should you wish.

Still Unsure?

We are always on hand to help our customers choose the best option for their home, so please feel free to get in touch, either by ringing us on 0161 883 0382 or by using the simple contact form here.

TV Aerial Installations

Sky/Satellite Installations

FM/DAB Aerial Installations

As well as the supply and installation of TV Aerials & Sky/Satellite dishes we also include a 12 Month Parts & Labour Guarantee on all new installations.

I have a TV Aerial or Sky/Sky/Satellite dish that I need moving, can you help with this?

Yes! We can re-site or re-locate any TV Aerial or Sky/Satellite Dish on your property to meet your requirements. We would generally need to see the job first in order to ensure we have the correct fixings/brackets available. However, in most circumstances we may be able to do the job immediately assuming you are happy to proceed.

FM & DAB Aerials

If you enjoy listening to the Radio in your home but find you get terrible crackling and interference on your favourite stations then you may find that having an FM or DAB aerial installed may help. To discuss which you require, feel free to get in touch, either by ringing us on 0161 883 0382 or by using the simple contact form here.

If you would like to discuss any of the services we offer or would like to arrange an appointment, then please feel free to get in touch either via phone, email or the contact us page.

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